Monday, 11 April 2016

Photographic Tale of the Week - Alone swimming in the rain

Alone swimming in the rain by Robert Ang
In spite of the danger of a sodden towel, swimming in a downpour seems so liberating. Instead of regretting a forgotten umbrella, lamenting a recently washed car, protecting a hair style, or maintaining dry clothing, immersing yourself in the water that can be such an annoyance is a wonderful experience. Is this a metaphor for many of those things in life that cause such fear and discomfort? Yes, yes it is.

Robert Ang captures this feeling wonderfully in "Alone swimming in the rain" where the figure, surrounded by the blue of the pool and the blur of the falling rain, is at once small and yet so powerful - so necessary - in the composition.

It was raining heavily this evening. Instead of going out to capture another sunset, I went to the balcony of my apartment and took this picture of a man swimming in the rain. If he was also singing, I could not hear him as I was high up above the swimming pool.

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