Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Photographic Tale of the Week - "Naked Wrist"

"Naked Wrist" by Blue Funambulist
First, I feel a bit guilty for not getting this up earlier. One of the inevitable repercussions of waiting for a while after announcing privately to the featured photographer / storyteller is that the photo itself is no longer an option for the Picture With a Story cover photo. Blue Funambulist's "Naked Wrist" would have been perfect for this. So without any further rambling from me, here is the story behind this most excellent work of art (in more ways than one as you will read):

It was supposed to feel like liberation, but actually it hurts. After more than eight years wearing handmade braids on my right wrist they finally got off. Two cuts, no blood. My tendency for keeping memories alive and the fixation for giving extra-sensorial meanings to certain self-made things has made this more difficult, for sure. However, the bigger problem comes when they exhaust their possibilities. One, was not as certain, felt and concrete as it should be. And the other, which always was the one, was not beating anymore. The sense was lost, and I needed to show myself clearly and physically than these things can happen in Life. However, in this slightly thinner wrist, now there is a completely white skin portion. Full of absence.
Somewhere in the Baltic Sea.

Blue Funambulist is a Spanish photographer whose "feelings and thoughts through art is the best thing that I have to share with the world."
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